Crypto-Uppy Soccer Team Looks
Aug 30, 20222 min read
Crypto-Uppy Soccer Team Looks

What is a Team Look?

One of the key features of the Crypto-Uppy characters is that they wear kit colours which are reminiscent of those worn by famous soccer teams. The keyword here is reminiscent. Teams change their kits each year. However, the overall look tends to be the same.

Team Badges and Sponsors

All major soccer team shirts feature both a badge and a sponsor's name. In our NFT collection, the badge is replaced with the logo of the currency featured in the dashboard and the sponsor by the name of the currency.

Which Teams

Being based in the UK, we focused on English premier league teams. However, we have added some famous European and national teams as well.

Here is a list of the team looks featured in our NFTs:

  • AC Milan
  • Ajax
  • Argentina
  • Arsenal
  • Aston Villa
  • Atletico Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Bayern Munich
  • Belgium
  • Bournemouth
  • Brazil
  • Brentford
  • Brighton
  • Burnley
  • Chelsea
  • Crystal Palace
  • Eintracht
  • England
  • Everton
  • Feyenoord
  • France
  • Fulham
  • Germany
  • Inter Milan
  • Italy
  • Juventus
  • Leeds United
  • Leicester City
  • Liverpool
  • Man City
  • Manchester United
  • Napoli
  • Netherlands
  • Newcastle United
  • Norwich City
  • Notts Forest
  • Portugal
  • PSG
  • PSV Eindhoven
  • Rangers
  • RB Leipzig
  • Real Betis
  • Real Madrid
  • Red Bull Salzburg
  • Roma
  • Sevilla
  • Southampton
  • Spain
  • Spurs
  • Watford
  • West Ham United
  • Wolves

Teams we Left Out?

There are hundreds of extremely popular soccer teams all over the world and we have only featured about 50 of them, so let us know if you think there are any notable omissions and, if the team is well-known, we will add them in a future release.

Why no Hoops?

You will probably notice that there are no teams included whose shirts feature hoops. The reason is simple: when we designed the generative artwork layers for the project, we forgot about hoops and only included stripes. So, apologies to all Celtic and QPR fans.